I began fly fishing at concerning the era of 13 with my grandfather's flyrod, mostly for bluegills and bass while in the several freshwater lakes I came across growing up near Satellite Beach, California, and continued for a while after moving to Titusville, mostly at Fox Lake. My rod was a-5 wt.

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{ In fact no different unnatural I think imitates Bay Anchovies, quite like a light-colored streamer, or our summer communities of Glass Minnows. And perhaps a better selection of species could be trapped also, although they are typically smaller in dimensions that other artificials, which may not simply attract strikes from more cautious fish. Using the same # 6 "Crazy Charley" pattern I have caught fish starting to 2 lb. Seatrout to Pinfish. Not that I definitely get excited about getting the pinfish, but when I have the ability to find a legal size Mangrove Snapper while fishing for Redfish or Seatrout, I am not going to protest.


Firstly, with saltwater fly fishing you will be throwing greater, more wind resistant flies than you would with a freshwater trout rod. Thus you will be using a greater flyrod that is stronger tossing a heavier line. In fly fishing, unlike spinning, it's the line that carries to attract through the cast's weight, not the attraction carrying the line.| Thus you will use a bigger better fly rod putting a more heavy line. In fly fishing, unlike spinning, it's the weight of the line that carries to lure through the throw, not the range being carried by the appeal.

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